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 Curtin Sarawak is the first offshore campus of Curtin University, and the first foreign university to be established in East Malaysia in partnership with the Sarawak state government. Its campus in Senadin, about 20 kilometres from the Miri city centre, is a world-class facility featuring architecturally-designed buildings, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and sophisticated IT that links students to the resources of Curtin's main campus in Perth.

Courses at Curtin Sarawak range from pre-university programmes to undergraduate degrees in commerce, media studies, information technology, science and engineering. Curtin Sarawak also offers graduate certificates in Project Management, graduate diplomas in Project Management, Master of Project Management, Master of Accounting, and master / doctoral degrees by research. It also offers courses at Pre-university level that feed directly into its undergraduate programmes.

In accordance with Curtin's reputation for excellence, academic staff members are recruited internationally and are of the highest caliber. Currently, Curtin Sarawak has approximately 3,000 students from over 40 countries studying in a truly international and cross-cultural environment.


Curtin's Sarawak campus is located in Senadin, about 20 kilometres from the Miri city centre, Miri, Sarawak. It is the first offshore campus of Curtin University of Technology and the first offshore campus set up in East Malaysia.

Australian Affiliation

Curtin Sarawak offers identical degrees to those at the Curtin University main campus in Western Australia. Examinations for the degree programmes are set and moderated at Curtin's main campus in Perth to ensure that they meet and fulfill the academic standards. Academics from Perth visit the Curtin Sarawak campus for quality audit and for consultations on issues ranging from assignments, projects, tasks and other assessments.


The courses offered at Curtin Sarawak are identical to those at the Bentley Campus; students can transfer between campuses without disruption to their studies.

·         General Programme (e.g. O-Level, Pre-U, A-Level, etc)

·         Language Studies

·         Science & Mathematics

·         Social Science

·         Mass Communication

·         Accounting

·         Business Administration & Management

·         Computer & Technology

·         Engineering & Technical Skill

·         Health & Welfare


Student Support Services & Student Development Activities

Curtin students are encouraged to participate in various clubs available which help them to adjust to campus life. The Student Council will help clubs in terms of finance, advice and guidance in running various activities. Apart from that, Curtin Sarawak also promotes Curtin Student Exchange Programs such as the Curtin Intercampus Exchange Program and International Student Exchange. Established under the care of the University Life Department as well is the John Curtin Leadership Academy, a programme developed in honour of John Curtin, 14th Prime Minister of Australia, with the objectives of instilling in student leaders his three core values: "Vision, Leadership and Community Service". The John Curtin Leadership programme aims to produce student leaders who can help ensure the sustainability of campus clubs and societies, improve campus life for students, and give them the opportunity to get a head start in their careers.


Housing Services / Accommodation

Curtin Sarawak offers several housing options on or close to campus. Safe, comfortable and modern accommodation is available for students on any budget. Moving away from home to study at university is often a student’s first experience of living away from their family and friends. Living with other students provides them with a supportive network while they pursue their studies.

Curtin currently has three student accommodation options:

  • Lakeside Apartment I & II (on-campus)
  • Curtin Village, and
  • Curtin Villa

Lakeside Apartment I & II